This is a Python script that uses the wikipedia-api library to fetch content from Wikipedia:

# Source:

import wikipediaapi


def get_wikipedia_content(page_title):

    wiki_wiki = wikipediaapi.Wikipedia('en')

    page =

    if page.exists():

        return page.text


        return 'Page not found'


# Specify the title of the Wikipedia page you want to retrieve

page_title = 'Python (programming language)'


# Call the function to fetch the content from Wikipedia

content = get_wikipedia_content(page_title)


# Print the content



Make sure to replace 'Python (programming language)' with the actual title of the Wikipedia page you want to retrieve content from.

The script uses the wikipediaapi library to interact with the Wikipedia API. It defines a function get_wikipedia_content that takes a page title as input and returns the content of the page. The page.exists() check ensures that the page exists on Wikipedia before fetching its content.

You'll need to have the wikipedia-api library installed. You can install it using pip by running pip install wikipedia-api in your terminal or command prompt.

Once you've updated the page title and have the wikipedia-api library installed, you can run the script to retrieve the content from Wikipedia.