In Joomla, the recommended way to include PHP functions in articles is by using a Joomla extension called "Sourcerer." Sourcerer allows you to embed PHP code directly into Joomla articles, modules, or custom HTML modules.

Here's how you can include PHP functions in Joomla articles using Sourcerer:

  1. Install and enable the Sourcerer extension in your Joomla site. You can download Sourcerer from the Joomla Extensions Directory (

  2. Create a new article or open an existing article in the Joomla administrator area.

  3. Inside the article editor, switch to the "Code" editor mode. This mode allows you to enter HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code directly.

  4. Wrap your PHP function code inside Sourcerer tags. The opening tag is {source} and the closing tag is {/source}.



For example:



function my_custom_function() {

    // PHP function code here




Save the article.

When the article is rendered on the frontend, the Sourcerer extension will process the PHP code and execute the function as expected.

It's important to note that including PHP code in articles should be done cautiously and with proper security measures. Only trusted users with appropriate permissions should be allowed to add PHP code to articles. Improper use of PHP code can pose security risks to your Joomla site!!!